Passier Hubertus Schmidt Dressage Saddle

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Passier Hubertus Schmidt Dressage

  • Designed to meet the highest standards. Made using the PS saddle tree and with its soft deep seat, performed knee inserts and comfortable thigh supports, it makes it easy to keep legs in the proper position. Freedom panels are included which are particularly comfortable for the horse.

Hubertus Schmidt Dressage Saddle This dressage saddle is the result of a close cooperation with the successful dressage rider and Team World Champion, Hubertus Schmidt. The saddle will immediately win you over with its soft deep seat and its freedom panels. Thanks to the pre-formed knee inserts and thigh supports, it is especially easy to keep the legs in the proper position. Leather Seat and knee inserts: Jupa leather Features PS saddle tree, deep seat, pre-formed knee inserts, thigh supports, 2 x 70 cm (2 x 28”) billets with point billet straps, freedom panels



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