Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting Service

Whether our horses are kept for pleasure riding or to perform as top class athletes it is essential to maintain correct fit and balance of our saddles. The main aim of providing a saddle-fitting service is to allow the horse to be able to work correctly and comfortably in a pain free and therefore willing manner. A correctly fitting saddle will help to maximise the horses’ performance, and to ensure the comfort of both horse and rider and their combined success.

You may notice deterioration in your horse’s performance despite no clinical signs. Your horse may be misbehaving whilst being tacked up or during ridden work. He may “hollow” through the back and not engage the hind quarters or show evasion through transitions. This can be due to other issues but the fit of the saddle should always be checked out.

It is essential for the saddle fitter to carry out regular checks on your saddle. This may be necessary to re balance the saddle as the flocking may have settled or the horse may have changed shape and condition. There are also a large number of horses, like us, that are asymmetrical which needs to be taken into consideration when fitting a saddle.

Europa’s highly experienced saddle fitter will travel to your stables or yard for all your saddle-fitting requirements – including adjustments, gullet changes, re-flocking and re balancing which can all generally be done on site.

Why a new saddle? 

There are many reasons why you may want or need a new saddle. These can include, a new horse purchase, your horse has changed shape, to meet an improved standard of riding, or even just to keep up with the latest fashions! Sometimes your saddle may not work properly for you or your horse, and that’s why it is so important to find the perfect fit between the two. Our experienced saddle fitter will help find the most balanced and fitting saddle for you and your equine friend.

How much will a saddle fit cost?

Saddle fittings will range in price, there is a $100 consultation fee and $25 per saddle adjustment – our average saddle fit costs $150.00

Europa is located in the heart of Swan Valley in Western Australia and perform most saddle fits in the metro areas. We can also accommodate customers in outer metro areas if there are 5 or more horses needing saddle fits. We can also recommend saddle fitters in country areas or interstate.

How do I book a saddle fit?

To book a saddle fitting please follow one of the below avenues:

Message on Facebook (Europa Saddlery) or Instgram (@europa_saddlery)


Phone Michael on 0432 216 088

Saddles Stock at Europa:

Here at Europa, we stock saddles for all disciplines and styles. We stock western saddles, jumping saddles, show saddles, stock saddles, dressage saddles, pony pads, half breeds, bareback pads and all purpose saddles. We have a saddle to suit every rider! If you are unsure of what saddle to get, or don’t know if we have a particular saddle, please do not hesitate to contact us at or on 08 9250 5000 and we will get back to you.

Europa proudly stocks: Euro Sport, Passier, Syd Hill, Harry Dabbs and Bentley Saddles.

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