Passier Young Star Dressage Saddle

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Passier Young Star – Young Generation Dressage Saddle. An elegant dressage saddle with adjustable thigh supports, ideal to accommodate a growing young rider.

This modern Young Generation Dressage Saddle by Passier is not only an extremely elegant dressage saddle, it has many advantageous features for the young rider: Adjustable thigh supports ‚Äì with velcro on the underside the thigh supports can be positioned exactly where the rider requires them, positioning the leg correctly providing optimum support. Double lined Seat ‚Äì double lining makes the seat of the Young Star extremely comfortable for the rider. Girth system with point billet straps ‚Äì maintains the saddle in the correct position. Freedom panels ‚Äì providing a broader contact surface, the saddle fits the horse‚Äôs back perfectly – extremely horse friendly! Leather: Seat and knee inserts: Jupa leather Sizes: 15.5″ and 16″ Colours: Black, Havana Brown



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