Syd Hill Hawk Leather Polocrosse Saddle with Roughout Leather and SHXP Adjustable Tree and Panels

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The Hawk Polocrosse Stock Saddle features the Syd Hill SHXP technology! Built on a lightweight, flexible tree which is fully adjustable and includes 3 different interchangeable gullets, plus removeable 12mm panels, meaning this saddle can quickly and easily customisable to different shaped horses.
The contoured panels disperse the riders weight evenly across a large surface area for optimum fit and comfort of both horse and rider.
The adjustable tree comes fitted with a wide gullet with medium and extra wide gullet plates as complimentary to complete the set.
Made from premium quality roughout leather, this saddle also feature’s a gel seat for those long hours in the saddle, poley knee pads that mould to the rider, adjustable swinging fenders & aluminium oxbows that hang off a stirrup bar, front and rear dee ring attachments and 2 long girth points with one point incorporating a surcingle for added security.

This saddle comes with a 5 year warranty on the saddle tree.



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