Syd Hill Barkley Leather Stock Saddle with Swinging Fender and SHXP Adjustable Tree

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The Syd Hill Barkley is built on a lightweight, flexible tree with removeable 12mm premium wool felt, contoured panels that disperse the riders weight evenly across a large surface area for optimum fit and comfort of both horse and rider. The adjustable tree comes fitted with a wide gullet with medium and extra wide gullet plates as complimentary to complete the set.

A traditional stock saddle seat with the addition of swinging fenders on stirrup bars provide all day comfort for the rider. Suitable for many disciplines including general riding, trail riding, breaking, polocrosse or station work.

Made from premium quality European leather, this saddle also feature’s a gel seat for those long hours in the saddle, poley knee pads that mould to the rider, adjustable swinging fenders & aluminium oxbows that hang off a stirrup bar, front and rear dee ring attachments and 2 long girth points with one point incorporating a surcingle for added security.

This saddle comes with a 5 year warranty on the saddle tree.



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