Reiter Cotton Wool Roll 500g

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Reiter’s cotton wool has been designed for fastest wound heal through the amazing breathing properties of Reiter’s range. This cotton wool has a length of 1.8 metres and is 30cm in height, allowing you to get the perfect size of cotton wool for your horses wounds. It weighs 500grams, and is highly absorbent ideal for use in first aid. Reiter’s Cotton Wool Roll is an essential tack box or first aid item, as you never know when an animal will injure themselves. The cushioned padding of this wool roll provides great support and insulation for accelerated heal time, which makes it excellent to use under Reiter’s Cohesive Bandages for dressing wounds or as a cleaning aid for wounds.

  • Great breathing properties
  • Length of 1.8m and 30cm high
  • Highly absorbent material
  • Highly breathable cotton wool
  • Provides cushioned padding providing support and insulation
  • Perfect for under bandages
  • Necessity for tack box and first aid boxes

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