Passier Compact Dressage Saddle

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Passier Compact Dressage Saddle This revolutionary design invented by Passier is the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – and for their riders!

Invented by Passier: the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – and for their riders! Until now riders of compact horses always had to select a small seat size to avoid saddle pressure on the horse´s loins. But such a small seat area was often problematic for the rider. However: the era of compromise has ended because Passier has succeeded in making a big break-through with the Compact Dressage Saddle. The saddle combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider. Naturally the Compact also sets new standards regarding horse-friendliness. The panels give the horse greater freedom for the withers and the new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place: whilst pressure is taken off the horse´s shoulder at the front, at the back the strap exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required.

Leather Seat and knee inserts: Jupa leather

Features PS saddle tree, deep seat, thicker thigh supports, W-girth arrangement, freedom panels

Sizes 1 to 3

PS Saddle Tree

The heart of a saddle is the saddle tree. The PS saddle tree has been continuously developed for over 50 years utilising the best materials to make every aspect of the saddle the best it can possibly be, delivering a saddle that the Passier Saddle Masters are proud of. From the spring band steel, that is strong and flexible, used due to it’s ability to produce the optimum shape for the saddle, to the Stirrup Bars that exceed the normal strength limits ( 600 Nm) and therefore make it impossible for a Passier stirrup bar to break or tear out of the saddle tree under normal circumstances, all contribute to a saddle that will last and perform extemely well.

The Passier gullet plate has the considerable advantage in that the gullet plate is very stable, yet the width can easily be adjusted – a number of times, if necessary. Another great feature is the relatively short gullet plate sides, resulting in greater freedom for the horse’s shoulders.

Freedom Panels

These saddle panels with optimized wither clearance developed by Passier are excellently suited to horses with wide or particularly sensitive withers. The special way in which they are made means wither contact will be sustainably avoided. As a result of the broader contact surface the saddle fits the horse’s back perfectly. The panels are available for all newly made Passier saddles.
Lowered Channel Seam
More space is created to the right and left of the horse’s withers, thanks to the lowering of the channel seam by 2 cm (3/4”). Contact of the saddle panels to the sides of the horse’s withers is virtually impossible.
Wider Channel
The front third of the channel is especially wide, thus creating more freedom of movement for the horse’s spine in this area.

Divided Freedom Panels

For horses with particularly sensitive backs Passier has developed divided freedom panels, i.e. panels with optimized wither clearance which are divided at the rear in order to permit even greater freedom for the spine. This channel is wider throughout. The special design also means that these panels are particularly suitable for horses with short backs. These panels are available for all newly made Passier saddles.


Passier‚Äôs exclusive ‚ÄúLifter‚”panels create even more contact area on the horse‚Äôs back are perfect for horses with high withers.
With high withers, the saddle needs to be high enough at the front to avoid exerting pressure on the sensitive withers. The panels are designed so that the saddle lies horizontally on the horse‚Äôs back and therefore, as well as very good wither clearance, also ensure a good contact area. Furthermore, the short, round form of the panels at the rear exert no pressure. These special features make the‚ÄúLifter‚”panels very horse-friendly ‚Äì and extra high gussets are no longer required! They are available for all new Passier saddles.

Passier Worldwide Warranty

All Passier products are handmade from top-quality materials – and are subject to constant quality control during the production process. That’s how Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories meet the highest Passier standards for quality. Guaranteed. Worldwide.

There is a special warranty on all Passier saddle trees. Passier guarantees – for 5 years on all PS saddle trees and for 10 years on all synthetic saddle trees, starting from the date of manufacture – that there are no concealed defects.



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